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Who we are?

We are the Leader

For over 30 years, we have been co-creating the industry and building a better environment for business. We are the market leader.

We have built our success through openness and reciprocal trust. Our customers and Partners value us primarily for our highly ethical business culture and the relationality of our employees.

Our business partnership is based on 3 fundamental values: people, responsibiliy and knowledge.

What are the values we profess?


You can relay on us, because we can relay on each other.

In our work, it is extremely important that we strengthen each other, not weaken each other. We know that in order for others to be healthy, we ourselves need to be a healthy, smoothly working organism, and sometimes we encounter situations that cannot be overcome alone.

You can relay on Urtica, because in Urtica everyone can relay on the other person.



Less pain, more life, that’s also on our hands.

It is not just another job, it is a mission. A sense of responsibility for a patient in need is the foundation of all our values and the driving force behind our development, meticulousness and tenacity. It is also a shared responsibility for ourselves.

We know that each of us needs to feel the support of the other employees.



The more we know, the more efficiently we can help.

This market is very demanding, complex and never stops evolving. To be effective in what we do, we cannot stop learning and expanding our knowledge and applying it wisely.

The more we know, the smarter we act, the more people we are able to help.



We want to become a creator of business solutions for the pharmaceutical market, and to significantly extend our current competencies as the leader in the area of drug distribution.

We have excellent knowledge of the market specificity, owing to which we can fully, and at the highest quality level, meet the current and future needs of the manufacturers and customers of Urtica, offering them advisory services, as well as wide and practical market knowledge.


Capital Group of Pelion S.A.

We belong to the capital group of Pelion S.A. - one of the largest enterprises in Poland.

We are the leader

We are the largest distributor of pharmaceuticals in the hospital market. Each day we provide such items to every hospital facility throughout Poland. We also deal with widely defined distribution in the entirety of Poland's pharmaceutical market. We offer our services to all of Poland's hospitals and to over 4,000 other recipients (mainly non-public health care institutions, Sanitary Inspectorates and others) across the land.

We create business solutions for our customers

We provide complex strategic advisory services in terms of introducing drugs into the hospital market in Poland. As part of complex advisory services, we offer, among others, strategic advisory services related to the introduction of medicinal products into the Polish market, market research and analyses, marketing support and contact centre.

What is our distinguishing mark

Our excellent knowledge of the market is our most important distinguishing mark. We have been operating in the industry for over 30 years now, owing to which we have comprehensive knowledge of the hospital market in Poland, moreover, of cooperation with hospitals and public entities. In practice, the aforementioned factors allows us to offer a complex range of services related to tender handling, warehousing and drug distribution, as well as advisory services in all these areas.

We hire the best industry experts

Our team is composed of the best experts, the knowledge and experience of whom allow us to constantly improve the quality of our services.

We are the only such specialised company in the Polish market

We cooperate with the largest drug manufacturers in the world, and we provide Polish patients with continuous access to a wide assortment of medicinals. Our unique numbers include:

  • the highest tender win rate,
  • the highest number of submitted tender offers
  • the highest rate of tender agreement execution
  • the highest efficiency in introducing new drugs into the hospital market
  • 100% outreach to all hospital units within the country
Logistics potential of Urtica

Every day, approximately a thousand sales transactions are concluded at our five branches (in Wrocław, Katowice, Łódź, Lublin and Poznań), while the central warehouse in Łódź ships over 5,500 items to various hospitals. Within 12 hours, ordered goods, by way of specialised vehicles meeting the highest pharmaceutical standards, are delivered to over 850 recipients across the entire country. Such an efficient logistics system allows for the fastest possible transport of drugs, for accepting additional distribution orders for near immediate execution and for further development in our industry.