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What we offer?


We are the market leader. We provide our services to every hospital in Poland and to over 4,000 other non-public institutions.

We offer the most favourable warehousing, transport and logistics conditions in the country.

  • Poland-wide wholesale warehouse

    Poland-wide wholesale warehouse

    We are the largest wholesale warehouse in the country. We have one central warehouse that ships deliveries to end customers. Timeliness of deliveries, including the highest quality standards and transport conditions compliant with DPD, is our top priority. We execute deliveries within 24 hours, and in urgent mode, within 2 hours - across the country. We have a professional vehicle fleet, equipped with the thermo-insulation and air conditioning necessary for proper drug transportation; we ensure constant monitoring of temperatures during transportation.

  • We specialise in hospital supplies

    We specialise in hospital supplies

    We have over 30 years of experience in supplying the pharmaceutical market in Poland. Our team is composed of 40 qualified professionals. All experts in public procurement, some have an over-18-year employment history in public procurement. The work of our procurement department is supported by a unique IT system allowing for effective employee work management. We also monitor the level of tender agreement execution on an ongoing basis to ensure that contractual agreements are executed in the highest possible percentage. All hospitals services are supervised by 9 regional coordinators and 26 people solely responsible for agreement execution. Sales activities are carried out based on a network of regional sales agencies located in the following cities across Poland: Katowice, Wroclaw, Lodz, Poznan and Lublin.

  • Non-hospital sales

    Non-hospital sales

    We have the vastest market experience when it comes to the execution of deliveries of specialised drugs and vaccines. We are present in the fields of aesthetic medicine, gynaecology, ophthalmology, orthopaedics and diagnostics. We have, in addition, a team dedicated to cooperation with manufacturers in terms of vaccine order execution. Moreover, we have adapted our distribution network to satisfy this fragmented market.

  • Support and advisory services

    Support and advisory services

    On behalf of pharmaceutical manufacturers and for our own purposes, we offer Poland's hospitals attractive packages of additional services through utilizing the potential of the telemarketing department. We carry out over a dozen pro-sales and informational campaigns monthly, covering 100% of the nation's hospitals. Our representatives also organise regional patron conferences for managers and masters of pharmacy. Furthermore, we offer our customers training sessions regarding legislative changes.