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Why is it worth to work at our company?

For over 30 years, we have endeavoured to ensure that our latest employees feel comfortable in their new workplace from day one onwards - and have the opportunities to convert their ambitions into reality.

Owing to the individually adjusted onboarding process, our new recruits easily get to know the company and its structure under stress-free circumstances.

The people of our enterprise and the friendly atmosphere they create together are for us the greatest assets of the company, but work at Urtica also means challenges that give one the sense of professional and personal satisfaction.

Whom do we hire?

We build our competitive advantage based on knowledge about the market and by focussing on key business processes. Our team is composed of the best experts, the knowledge and experience of whom allows us to constantly improve the quality of our services.

If you are a person, who:

  • wants to enhance your competencies under the supervision of experts,
  • is not afraid of challenges,
  • has high interpersonal skills, is reliable and focused on reaching goals,
  • has a professional and responsible approach to your duties.

What do we offer?

We guarantee work within a dynamic team and the opportunity to gain experience side by side with true experts. After hours – we offer the integration in the spirit of corporate social responsibility.


The benefits we offer include both development and healthcare tools.

Out of concern for the development of hard and soft skills, we offer our employees a number of training solutions, for example:

  • internal and external training adjusted individually to development path,

  • participation in congresses and conferences,

  • co-financing of post-graduate studies related to the job.

Examples of offered health and wellness benefits:

Medical care:
  • medical package with possibility to cover family members
  • medicines insurance – 80% co-financing of prescription drugs
  • group life insurance, including among others accident insurance
Competence development:

In order to develop hard and soft competencies, we offer our Employees a number of training solutions, for example

  • internal and external training adapted to the development path
  • participation in congresses and conferences 
  • co-financing of post-graduate studies related to the job
Physical activity
  • sports cards (e.g. swimming pool, gym, fitness, salt cave, yoga)
  • Urtica Team - we run and engage in sports activities together
  • joint trips to the mountains, involving employees' families, e.g. The Crown of Polish Mountains, Winter-Mountain Night, Tracker Run 
  • integration meetings 
  • co-financing of holidays and vacations
  • a free platform offering discounts on private labels of Pelion Group companies
  • hybrid work for people performing tasks which can be done outside the workplace.

Recruitment process

proces_rekrutacji_etap-1-c736ac9b Career | Urtica

1 Sending application

HR Department will analyze applications in terms of their compliance with the requirements set out in the offer (e.g. work experience, education, qualifications). Candidates who meet our expectations to the greatest extent, will be contacted in order to arrange an interview, which is the next stage of recruitment for this position.

proces_rekrutacji_etap-2-c5e8abbc Career | Urtica

2 Interview

During the interview, the Candidate has the opportunity to present his/her competences. He/she can also learn about our expectations and ask questions concerning the job. Interviews conducted online or in person are attended by a representative of HR and the immediate supervisor.

proces_rekrutacji_etap-3-c45d56a1 Career | Urtica

3 Further steps

We extend selected processes with additional stages. Then the candidate may be asked to complete tests that check his potential, hard skills or personality traits. Additionally we use the Assessment Centre tool, i.e. a set of group and individual tasks testing selected competences.

proces_rekrutacji_etap-3-c45d56a1 Career | Urtica

4 Job offer

After a positive assessment of all the stages of the recruitment process, the HR Department will contact you in order to present the conditions of employment and to determine all the details. Regardless of the results of the recruitment process, each Candidate will receive feedback within 2 weeks after the interview or Assessment Centre.

Internship programs

We support young persons in the job market by enabling their participation in a Career Program - during the summer holidays, we offer several internship vacancies at different departments.

During the two-month internship, students learn what tasks are performed by particular departments and also carry out projects on their own.

After the successful completion of their internship, interns get a chance to continue the cooperation and be included among the company's permanent employees.

Apart from holiday programs, we also offer students cooperation opportunities throughout the entire year. Herein, interns support the work of particular departments and perform various tasks, both those that develop cooperation skills and those that are independently-oriented.

Tasks are performed under the supervision of an internship supervisor/coordinator, however, interns quickly become integrated team members. Owing to this, the adaptation process is more efficient. Indeed, the intern database is often the first candidate database we use when recruiting new employees. This solution has become a fixed component of our employment strategy.