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How do we work?

Knowledge and experience

First and foremost, we like to work.

We are very determined to enact and undertake more and more interesting challenges.

For over 30 years, we have been growing strong. Yet, despite being the unquestionable market leader, we are not resting on our laurels, rather, we have continued to work hard. This has made us the country's leader – with over 53% of the entire market share.


It is only at Urtica that one employee will help in a fast and soothing manner to make all the necessary binding arrangements and to deal with all the urgent matters that crop up. All this results in our cooperation being smooth, comfortable and efficient.

We draw our energy from a superior work culture and a hands-on, very human approach. The aforementioned has become our distinguishing mark – and given us a market advantage.

Owing to that, we may pride ourselves on the high ratings we receive from our satisfied customers.

The company’s success is also attributable to our willingness to share our knowledge and the experience we have gained over the many years we have been in business.

Every day, our customers receive complex services from us, including our expertise and our highly specialised provision of services.


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We are the best-prepared team in the country to handle ministerial and central tenders.
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We execute deliveries within 24 hours. We execute urgent deliveries within 2 hours across the country. We reach 100% of Poland's hospitals within these time constraints.
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We take excellent care of every step of any tender process, making the cooperation with our customers highly professional, especially in business terms. We pursue, above all else, the highest interests of our customers.

Why Urtica


  • We are the best-prepared team in the country to handle ministerial and central tenders. We are the only company in Poland with such long-term and vast experience that we have been chosen by manufacturers to handle vaccine tenders throughout the nation.
  • We have been gaining expertise in the field of public procurement law for over 30 years now.
  • We have the most experienced team in Poland for handling the non-tender market.
  • Our team of specialists fully control and monitor the entire procurement market. We know perfectly well how to prepare for a tender - what prices should be assumed and what model should be applied to a given tender.
  • Every year we submit the largest number of offers and win the largest number of tenders as compared to similar companies in the Polish market. We monitor all tenders executed in the territory of our country.
  • We comprehensively handle the entire process of tender agreement execution. We also manage product shortages.
  • Uniquely in Poland, we have a dedicated team for handling hospital tenders.
  • We select assortments and purchase goods in the most efficient manner. We take care of every detail of the delivery process to ensure the fastest possible drug delivery to Poland's hospitals and medical centres.
  • We handle all formal issues in the fastest possible manner. This significantly facilitates operational cooperation.
  • Each year we carry out internal audits. This practice allows us to strengthen our procedures. We are constantly learning and developing our abilities, thus enhancing our competencies.