Social responsibility

CSR is a key area at PGF Urtica. Since 1997, we have been carrying out a project that makes us really proud.

Every year, “Urtica for Children”, which operates as a foundation today, implements tens of projects that support the children of Poland's oncology and haematology wards.

Corporate social responsibility at PGF Urtica means not only the creation and support of this charity. Our eagerness and knowledge are inspirational to others, and has resulted in other activities carried out as part of “Urtica Café” and “Urtica Team” initiatives.


Urtica for Children

"Urtica for Children" wants to help and has done so since 1997! We organise artistic workshops called "Sunny Gallery" at all the children’s oncology wards in Poland. 


Urtica Cafe

The newest "PGF Urtica" project (2017) is addressed to all the women employed at the company and at partner enterprises. Why to women? Because they comprise the vast majority of the employed.


Urtica Team

Healthy body means healthy spirit! Urtica Team shows that work alone at a health-related organisation is not everything.